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Genealogy Search Engines

3 Best Genealogy Search Engines

Genealogy search engines are especially made to help you find your ancestors and trace your family lineage.  Fortunately, there are numerous of those search engines to choose from –which also makes it difficult to pick one.  The goal of this article is to assist you in deciding which of the 3 genealogy search engines in this post is worth your time and effort.


Top 3 Genealogy Search Engines

Genealogy Bank

This site is fairly small but is very user-friendly as browsing the pages of the site is really easy.  It has catalogs of newspapers that keep track of the day-to-day life of communities in United States in as early as 1960.

You will need to input at least a last name to have results returned to you.  First name, keywords, and date range are very helpful data but they are optional so you can skip those fields if you don’t have any data for them.  However, the more data you provide, the better results you get so do try your best to fill the other mentioned fields.

You can easily retrieve records of public affairs, arrests, nuptials, and even the obituaries since the newspapers vividly reflect a stream of rich cultural information.  Apart from newspapers, the site also offers a compilation of directories, memoirs, funeral homilies, history, and assorted books which all supplement information gathered from the standard birth, marriage, and death certificates.

Aside from those prized records, you can also yield results such as pictures of your ancestors.  With over 5,800 broadsheets from 50 US states, you are ensured of information from a massive and broad reliable source.

However, this is not your best bet if your ancestors are not originally from the states or only lived in the US for a few years.  Otherwise, this site is an excellent genealogy search engine.



This site has one of the best and largest ancestry databases with roughly a whopping 600 million records.  Currently, it holds accounts all the way from Revolutionary War up to the present time which makes this site one of the running to be the best family tree search engine.

The site contains the standard birth, marriage, and death certificates, and census records.  Those whose ancestors came from the European nations are lucky as they can find those aforementioned important documents as well.  In addition, they have files of travel and immigration records that you can browse as well.

However valuable the site is, it still lacks some useful features that most researchers need.  It does not have data of tribal records in its archives – not even land or court records filed.

The good thing is that you can effortlessly build and share your family tree with your family and friends through the site.  It works pretty much like genealogy software where you can upload data, edit, view, share, and print your family tree.

The Genealogical Research Library

Building your family tree from scratch can be quite a tedious task.  But it is made easier if you use a dependable family tree finder such as The Genealogical Research Library (GRL).

The site holds 3,000 databases that offer unique supply of data including historical books, ancient maps, and a compilation of various family trees.

Just log into the site and you will see a section that directs you to a list of countries (or states or provinces) to sort through.  GRL is definitely a great option if you want to focus your search on the geographical aspect of your lineage.

But if you are not interested in concentrating on geography, you can edit your search to genealogy, history, or biographies.  The large database guarantees that you are assured of legitimate data about your forefathers.

The only setback is that GRL requires a little too much digging to get the needed data.


We certainly hope that this comparison or review of genealogy search engines helped you pick one that best fits your needs.  We sincerely hope that you unearth the records that you need to finally map out your precious family tree. Good luck from your Parenting Domain family!

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