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5 Simple Tips to Choose Gifts for New Parents

Are you a new parent or maybe a family friend who is looking to buy baby things for new parents?  Do you know what to get for them?  If not, let this short article help you.

As much as possible, we want to choose the best gift that we can give them.  The problem is that there are countless options to choose from that choosing can become an intimidating task.  This is especially true if you are not yet a parent.  But if you follow the tips that we are about to share, picking a gift will be less scary.  Below are the tips.

1.  Consult the registry.  The registry is a wish list that parents set up.  This list lets buyers get a glimpse of the parents’ needs, wants, and personal preference.  You will also get to see if a particular item has already been bought.  This ensures that no two gifts are the same.  This is a guide that will definitely help you.

Registry details will be given in baby shower invitations.  But if not, you can always ask the couple for that information.

2.  Consider the baby’s gender.  This is important as this will affect the design and color of your gift.  For example, a bassinet with pink flowers in it may not sit well for parents of a baby boy.  But if the gender is kept secret by the family, you can go for gender-neutral gifts.  Examples include stuffed animals, blankets, transparent feeding bottles, diapers, or clothing with gender neutral colors such as green and brown.

3.  Give a gift with personal significance.  For example, you can give a blanket with a maple leaf in it if you and the parents-to-be met in Canada.  This will serve as a reminder of your friendship and of how it grew stronger through the years.

It may be a gift that is as simple as a muslin but it will give a warm smile on the parents’ face during their most stressful times – sleepless nights while burping the baby or changing their diaper.  You will surely be remembered through that gift.  Some day, that story will be shared with the baby too.

4.  Buy a gift set.  When you have thought of so many things and you are still unsure, you can always opt for a baby gift set.  The gift set can come in an attractive box with a combination of different but related items for the new baby.  This is perfect for those who are clueless when it comes to baby products.  You can buy gift sets from online stores such as Swaddle Designs to make gift buying easier.

5.  Show off your skills.  If you have knitting or sewing skills, you can always make your own gift from scratch.  You can create your own receiving blanket, hat or shirts for babies.  If you have more time, you can even put together baby’s firsts in a scrapbook.  This kind of gift will leave lasting impression on the parents-to-be as this simple idea shows thoughtfulness.

So have you thought of a gift for the baby yet?  We sure hope so after reading this post.  Happy shopping from your Parenting Domain family!

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