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Resources For Single Parents

6 Important Resources For Single Parents

Different types of resources for single parents are made available today.  Why?  The reason is that it is very difficult to provide for the family much more if you do it single-handedly.  This post aims to enumerate the sources that every single parent needs.

Being a single parent is doubly challenging physically, emotionally, and financially.  For the most part, you, as a single parent, may feel the heavy burden on your shoulders.  You may feel that you are alone and that there is no one else that can help you lift the burden.  The truth is that there are agencies that can assist the needs of single parents especially single mothers.  There are resources for single parents that are imperative to those who are already in distress.


Resources for Single Parents

Always remember that help is always help available to those who need it.  When you feel like you can’t take it anymore, you can try the following:

1.  Food banks – in need of food?  Go to a food bank near you.  These banks are found all over the country and can cater to anyone.  Food in these banks comes from donations from generous individuals, grocery stores, and restaurant owners.

As soon as the donations come into the bank, volunteers sort the food and make kits for each family.  Single moms can apply as recipients to ensure that they get food.

2.  Grants – single mothers can apply for scholarship grants to continue or advance their education.  The good news is that grants don’t have to be paid back.  They are awarded to those who fit their qualifications.  Grants also differ in value and this is determined through your personal information – your income and financial status, number of dependents, etc.

There are many grants that you can apply for through internet.  They will require you to submit important details so make sure that you prepare all your documents.  Examples of required documents include tax information, and social security number.

Also, please carefully follow the instructions as some grants are strict when it comes to the requirements.  Check your details several times before submission to avoid any mistakes.  In addition, you also need to be a US resident for 3 years, or a US citizen.

A few examples of grants that cater to single moms are Sunshine Lady Foundation, Live Your Dreams (formerly The Women’s Opportunity Awards), and institutional grants.

3.  Charitable institutions and non-profit agencies – there are agencies that are specially made to help people during times of sorrow.  Believe it or not, there are agencies that aid in food, clothing, bill, and rent payments.  You can sometimes find agencies that assist in daycare and other needs.

A single mom or parent will be asked to meet with a caseworker to discuss the different programs available.  A parent will also be asked for vital information such as income, dependents, proof of residence, etc.

Examples of these agencies are Department of Human Services (rent assistance), soup kitchen, transportation assistance, and more.  Department of Social Service even has a WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) program wherein support is given to moms with little to no money.  They give out coupons and essential items for pregnant women and kids under 5 years old too.

4.  Religious sector and churches – some churches have programs similar to soup kitchen wherein they give food to disadvantaged individuals.  Some have programs that give support to single mothers who are in need of rent, bill, clothing, and food assistance.

Just bring your valid documents as you still have to apply for those programs.  Don’t worry.  They are not as strict as the local agencies.

5.  Federal programs – when you have used up every kind of resources that you have but you still need help, you can opt for federal programs for single parents and indigent families.

One sample is the TANF or the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families.  This program offers short-term financial assistance and food stamps.  Another program is the LIHEAP or the Low Income Housing Energy Assistance Program.  You can ask for help regarding energy bills, and repairs linked to energy.

6.  Legal assistance – those who are in need of legal assistance for cases such as child support or custody can always find organizations that offer free legal aid.


These are very important resources for single parents so you don’t have to face your problems on your own.  It may be stressful but always remember that there are agencies or programs that you can always turn to.  Good luck from your Parenting Domain family!

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