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6 Reasons Why You Are Not Having Fun with Your Family Tree Search

You have been doing your family tree search for a very long time now yet you are not making progress.  You avoid it because you are not having fun with the activity as much as you used to.  Why?  This article might help you answer that.


Family Tree Search:  Why Does the Search End?

You have reached a dead end.  The names on the birth or marriage certificate are not exact or even incorrectly spelled.  Or maybe you simply can’t trace them because they disappeared altogether.  You don’t know where or how to start again so you are, understandably, frustrated for not having the right information.

You don’t have a system.  All the data you have – pictures, albums, records, notes – are arranged in a chaotic fashion that only you can understand.  The information that you have is scattered here and there.  You may have everything but you don’t have a concrete plan yet.  And let’s just admit that you don’t have the organizing skills that your mom has.

The excitement and eagerness are gone.  You have not unearthed any new discoveries in your family tree search or found any new person to add to your chart yet.  You have not heard from any of your contacts and your search did not yield any results for months now so you become disheartened.  All the thrill and anticipation just seeped out of you.

You have a goal to quickly increase the number of ancestors in your chart.  You aim really high and that’s a good thing.  However, it’s too much if your idea of success is having about a thousand of new names in your chart or record every two weeks and that’s just really impossible to achieve.  Are you even kidding me?  Even if you refuse to sleep for days just to research, you can’t find that much in a short span of time.  Don’t be too ambitious or you’ll burn yourself out in the process.

You aim to prove that you are part of a family of heroes, champions, or known personalities.  You really think that you are the long lost great-great-great-great-great granddaughter of Marie Antoinette and you aim to prove that no matter what.  When you finally find out that that’s not true, you break down and start again just so you can desperately prove otherwise.  Just stop it.  Stick to the facts or you’ll end up being stressed out.  You are taking out all the fun in your family hunt if you continue to do that.  Just concentrate first on the ancestors that you do know.  Your focus there may lead you somewhere.

You don’t have a family tree website.  If you don’t have one, then build one.  Doing so will ultimately help you organize all your on hand data.

My tip is to just take the family tree search in a stride.  Take it slow and relax.  Don’t dwell too much on the negative.  Who knows you might find the missing links that you have been looking for if you have try to have fun and let go of your worries.  I know this is not an easy feat but you can do it.  Good luck from your Parenting Domain family!

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