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Best Baby Toys: How to Choose Toys for Babies

What are the best baby toys that you think will help your baby’s development stage?  Most likely, you will hear differing advices from each parent which will confuse you.

“Don’t buy that kind of toy.  It won’t do your baby any good.”  “Don’t spoil your baby with too many toys.”   “Buy lots of toys for your baby to help develop his brain”. 

So which advice should you follow?  This Parenting Domain post will help you select the best baby toys.


Best Baby Toys:  What Toys Can Do For Your Baby

Toys generally help your baby:

  • develop motor skills, muscle control, and hand-eye coordination
  • enhance analysis and understanding for cause and effect
  • improve problem solving skills
  • learn new ideas and use imagination
  • learn the value of sharing

Babies can learn a lot from the toys that he or she is playing with.  The more kinds of toys he or she can play with, the more he can learn.  Having said this, many parents buy everything they can to provide the best baby toys for their children.  However, too much will only leave your child bored after two days of play.

According to experts, babies don’t need a lot.  They need different varieties of toys.  While it is true that expensive toys can help them enhance their skills, simple things such as a piece of paper or leaves can also teach them something.


Best Baby Toys: Factors For Choosing

The thing about advanced technology is they do everything for you.  This improvement stunts the growth and development of your child because they don’t have to think for themselves.  If your baby becomes accustomed to this, he or she will easily get tired of playing blocks because he will want something that will automatically play for him.

The next time you shop for toys for your little one, consider the factors below:

  1. Sturdiness – is the toy tough enough to withstand being thrown, submerged in water, jumped or stepped on?
  2. Attractiveness – will the toy still catch your baby’s attention after two weeks or so?
  3. Simplicity – will the baby be able to easily understand how the toy functions? Or is the toy too complex to solve?
  4. Different – does your baby have this kind of toy already?
  5. Challenge – will it challenge your baby to think? Or will it only discourage him?  Will your baby be interested to solve the challenge?  Will he be motivated to solve the simple problem?  Will the toy help develop creativity and imagination?
  6. Usefulness – can it be played in many ways?
  7. Age-appropriateness – does it suits your baby’s age, skills, and thinking?
  8. Cleanliness – can it be cleaned and washed?  Remember that toys that are frequently used are dirty.
  9. Appeal on adults – do you want to play with the toy?  Or will you enjoy the toy too?  It’s a good sign if you enjoy playing with the toy because you can show your child how to play with it.  You are also assured that the toy is safe.
  10. Cohesive with family values – does it promote or reflect the values that your family strongly believes in?  For instance, does it help save the environment?  Will it teach the importance of saving mother earth?


Best Baby Toys:  Toys From Home

As mentioned earlier, babies can play with a piece of paper, leaves, or even spoons at home.  You will have to take note of the following tips before giving your child anything:

  • One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.  The things that you are about to junk may be useful for your baby.  One example is an empty box.  After cleaning the box, let your baby play with it and see what he does with it with his imagination.
  • Find things with different textures, shapes, colors, and sizes.  Make sure that the toys are not sharp, rusty, or broken.  Remove plastic packaging or small parts that will cause your baby to choke.  Again, thoroughly check everything before handing them to your baby.
  • Babies tend to generalize.  For example, if you give him an old book to doodle on, he will think that it’s okay to do the same on magazines, dictionaries, newspapers, and other similar objects.


I hope that through the tips above, you will be able to determine the best baby toys for your sweet, little one.

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