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Family Tree Generator

Family Tree Generator FAQs

Mapping out your family tree is made easier with the help of a family tree generator.  The internet is amassed with a large quantity of data so information acquisition no longer poses as a problem.  The only hurdle we need to jump over is the usage of those genealogy generators.  This Parenting Domain post aims to answer questions that you may have.


Family Tree Generator FAQs

We’ve gathered around the frequently asked questions of people who have used a family tree generator in the past.  Here’s what we came up with (and their answers, of course)

1.  Where is my forefather’s birth certificate or record?  Why can’t I find it?

There are lots of reasons for this.  First, birth registration was only required after 1875 so there is a possibility that your ancestors may be unregistered.  You can try searching for a baptism record instead.  This might lead you somewhere.

Second, people in the distant past were not always known by their given names.  Sometimes, they are registered with a different name.  Other times, especially cases where the child has the same first name as their parents, middle names are used to avoid mix-ups.  Or maybe their given names might have been changed or deleted.

Third, it is possible that your ancestor was not registered on time as 42 days is allotted for this.  This means that a person born on December 1875 might have been registered only on January 1876 so check carefully.


2.  My relative is not on the census records?  Why is this so?

You can check previous and following census records.  It is also likely that your relative passed away so do check records of death.  From there, you can check for marital status and track the nearest surviving relatives.

Your relatives might have migrated to another country so search for any travel documents that you may have missed in your investigation.

There are more possibilities such your relatives changed (or probably misspelled) their family name or your ancestor may have remarried after being widowed.


3.  Could it be that my ancestors were only adopted?

Yes.  Adoption records are confidential so this can be a dead end.  Try to search for solicitor’s records as this is helpful.


4.  Is it possible that my grandfathers changed their names?  Why so?

There are many reasons why a person changes his or her name.  Unfortunately, people don’t formalize name change in the earlier days.


5.  What if there are two people with the same name?  How should I approach this?  What should I do to get results in a family tree generator?

You can try checking each generation in their trees.  This is the only foolproof way of getting the right person.  Please don’t leave out even one generation as this might be the key to finding your real relative.

You can check their spouses (through a marriage certificate) or children’s names.  Inspect their professions of line of work, or even wills.  Just research thoroughly and again, never skip any detail.


6.  What if my relatives moved abroad?

Remember that passenger lists and travel documents are made available online so check them out.  View the full data so you can also see who accompanied them or where they went.  There are also cases wherein the head of the family travels alone only to be followed by the rest of the family so bear this in mind when you read the records.

Regretfully, there are also instances wherein migration is obligatory.  This is true for offenders.


These are just some of the questions and answers regarding family tree generator that we have gathered.  If you have more queries, do shoot us an email so we can help you find the answers.

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