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How to be a Good Single Parent

How to be a Good Single Parent: 6 Handy Tips

You need to learn how to be a good single parent to weather through storms of raising your child or children alone.  Yes, storms.  It is already tough to raise kids when you have a partner but it is even tougher if you are alone.  For that reason, we will provide you with a post filled with tips that can help you survive single parenthood.


How to be a Good Single Parent

Fortunately, there are many parents all across the globe that have raised their children successfully and with minimal mishaps.  Here are tips that can steer you to the right direction.

1.  Kick out the green-eyed monster within you.   You don’t need to envy friends who have lifetime partners.  You don’t need to think that your friends have partners who want to be with them or have someone who can help raise the kids.  Stop all the spite and jealousy as this will only make you bitter.  In addition, this drains your energy.

Being a single parent has its own perks too.  You don’t need to consider another adult’s needs or preference because the decision on your children is solely based on you.  You also need to bear in mind that there are no perfect marriages.  Every family has their own set of problems.

Instead of dwelling on the sadness, focus all your energy on the positive things.  Be thankful for what you have.  This will help you think about what you need to do next.


2.  Make connections.  Being alone is truthfully sad.  It also gives your negative thoughts time to breed.

If a feeling of loneliness starts to creep in, find company in other individuals who are in the same situation as you.  This way, there are other people whom you can talk to or can relate to your problems.

You can swap tips, or watch the children together so instead of crying your heart out, you can have your dose of happiness too.  You can join support groups for parents or better yet, start your own club for single parents in your area.  If you have little time to go out, you can try searching for support groups in Facebook.


3.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  The same way applies for accepting assistance.  Some people are just too proud to receive help that is being offered to them.  Many others feel like they don’t deserve to be helped.  This is partly because they feel like the situation they are in is their fault.

Let me remind you again that it is not your fault (please refer to item number 1) and that you need all the help you can get.  Set aside all your negative feelings and think about your kids.


4.  Prepare contingency plans.  Let’s say you are too sick to take care of your unruly baby.  The baby is crying out loud because of hunger but you can’t get up.  What do you do?  You need to think of scenarios such as this and then come up with solutions.

You can look for on-call or emergency babysitters.  Or you can list contact persons that you can reach in case of emergency.  Make sure that you talk to the people in your emergency list first before adding them so your calls in the wee hours don’t surprise them that much.


5.  Find ways to save money.  Let’s be realistic here.  You need all the resources you can get so you need to spend thriftily.  Looks for areas where you can cut your expenses.

For example, you can have a trusted person live in your house rent free in exchange of watching your kid while you work.

You can trade babysitting times with a friend. Watch your sister’s baby while she works and she can watch your baby while you run errands.  Through these techniques, you are learning how to be a good single parent.


6.  Pamper yourself.  Eat enough food to have the right energy to go after your running kid.  Get a lot of sleep.  Insert exercising every now in then in your chores.  If you have spare budget, buy a kit to do foot spa at home.  These are just little things that you can do to take care of yourself.


These are just 6 tips on how to be a good single parent.  If you want to read more parenting posts, please browse the rest of the Parenting Domain site.

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