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How To Choose A Breast Pump

 Moms who are looking for the best pump might find it difficult to choose one with the varying options that we have today.  So let us share with you this video that we found online to make picking a breeze.
Here’s a transcript of the video:
Hi. I’m Jessica Hartshorn from American Baby Magazine. I’m here to talk about how you can choose a breast pump.
If you’re gonna be pumping milk frequently for your baby,
a double electric pump is probably your best tool for the job.
It works both sides at once and it works on a motor so it’s really fast and efficient.
The only problem with the double electric breast pump, it does cost several hundred dollars.
So if you’re not completely sure you’re gonna pump or you’re not completely committed to
pumping at work, you might wanna look into renting a double electric from the hospital where you can pay by the month.
There’s another option and that’s a battery operated pump but doesn’t work as smoothly all the time as a motorized pump but it does save you money.
And the third kind of pump is a manual pump. This is the kind of pump that you use just on one side at a time and you can do the pumping yourself but it’s completely quite and discreet.
You can really even be great if you just wanna take an evening away from your baby.
You might wanna consider having it a double electric for work as well as the manual for times when you’re away in the evening.
And so those are some things you wanna think about when you’re thinking about buying a breast pump.


Here’s our two cents worth:
There are basically two types of pumps.  There are electric or battery operated ones and there are manual (where you express by hand).  You should choose a pump depending on your needs or frequency of pumping.


If you are:
1. struggling with your milk supply, consider renting a hospital-grade electric breast pump.
Your milk supply will depend on how much your baby needs.  But if your baby is still struggling with breastfeeding or is not able to nurse well, you will eventually have a low milk supply which is every mom’s worst nightmare.
This kind of pump efficiently collects milk from your breasts similar to that of a nursing baby’s rate.  However, you cannot easily find this in stores.
This pump is suitable for those whose babies are preemies or if you have a medical condition that makes it difficult for you to produce enough milk for baby.


2. pumping more than once per day, buy top of the line electric pump for your personal use.
This type of pump is the best choice for moms who are about to go back to work and want to build their milk stash so that their babies can still enjoy breast milk.  They are automatic and have adjustable suction levels to suit every mom.  The best thing about this is that they are usually double pumps which means that collection is easy since you can pump both breasts at the same time.
These pumps come with carrying bags and bottles.  Some even come with storage bags, labels, and nipple creams for the convenience of the mom.  If you do pick this type of pump, considering buying a nursing bra or a hands-free breastpump bra so you can pump while working at the same time.
You can buy pumps like these if you head over to Spectra site.  You can check out their range of breast pumps that are budget-friendly yet efficient in expressing milk.


3. pumping once or less per day,  you can purchase a manual pump.

This is for when a mom leaves for a few minutes with a sitter and does not want formula milk for baby.  This kind of pump is very lightweight, convenient, and affordable compared to the previous types.  However, it requires much time and effort on your part as you will need to pump or squeeze them.

So have you chosen which is best for you?

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