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Parenting Tips for Preschoolers

Parenting Tips for Preschoolers

If you are worried about your kid aged 3 to 6, then it’s time that you take in parenting tips for preschoolers.

There are many parents who constantly wonder about how to start teaching independence, cooperation, and discipline during the early years of your child.  This Parenting Domain post will give you guidelines for those.


Parenting Tips for Preschoolers: Gaining Independence

If you want to teach your child to be independent, you need to trust that he can do more than you think he can.  Here are other tips to push him to be self-regulating:

  1. Believe in your child.  Little children are expected to eat on their own, write, and throw their trash in school – and they do so obediently.  You should believe that your child can do the same things at home.
  2. Stop yourself from babying him or her.  There are times when we, as parents, want things to be perfect.  We straighten the blankets and arrange the pillows right after the kid makes the bed.  Instead, compliment him and say your suggestions.  Make your child do what he can do.
  3. Let him figure things out.  For instance, do not step in when your child is finding it hard to solve a puzzle.  As long as his activity is safe, do not interrupt and rush to help.  Give him the chance to do things on his own so he may also learn to value hard work and success.
  4. Make him do simple chores.  This will give him self esteem.  Ask him to pour his own cereal or water the plants. Start small and make sure that you only assign tasks that are doable by a 4 year old.

Parenting Tips for Preschoolers: Practicing Discipline

There are many disciplining strategies that you can take advantage of.  Here are just some of them:

  1. Distract him.  When a child is busy making a mess, ask him if he wants to play with cars or watch Barney.  Give him another activity that will make him productive or will keep him from any trouble.
  2. Correct his actions by making him do the right thing.  For example, make him help his classmate pick up the things that he purposely knocked from the other child.  If he makes a mess in the kitchen, make him sweep his mess.
  3. Give disciplinary action at once.  Don’t put off discipline.  For instance, your child misbehaved at the mall.  Instead of talking to the child, you wait to get home to discipline him.  This will only make the child forget his wrongdoing.  Tell him about his wrong and his punishment at once.


Parenting Tips for Preschoolers:  Teaching Cooperation

Who does not want order, of children sitting quietly in just one place?  Teachers must have placed a magic spell on the kids because they always make the kids obey them.  Here are the secrets to make the children cooperate.

  1. Set a routine.  The children in school basically follow the same routine every day so they already know what comes next.  They know what they are supposed to be doing during a given period of time.  They will need to be reminded in the first few days or weeks but after that, they can do things for themselves.  Establish house rules in your home like “take a bath and dress up before eating breakfast” or “wash your hands before eating”.  In no time, this will be natural for your child.
  2. Notice the good deeds.  Praise your child if he or she did something good.  Compliments and praises means that you notice their behavior.  If you keep giving those praises, they will repeat being cooperative too.
  3. Give warnings.  For instance, if you set play time until 5:00pm, warn you child by 4:45 that he only has about 5 minutes to play.  After 5 minutes, he needs to put away his toys.  Set a timer so he knows if it is time.
  4. Make a game.  If you have exhausted your efforts and your child isn’t cooperating yet, you can make a game out of it.  For example, you can take a dinosaur and tell your child that the dinosaur will eat every toy in his way if he sees one.  This will make your child run and pick up the toys.

We hope that the parenting tips for preschoolers will be of good use to you.  But if you have more tricks, please share them by commenting.  Thanks!

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