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Organic Baby Products

Types of Organic Baby Products

You often hear the term organic baby products and you are wondering what they are.  Yeah, me too!  What in the world is that?  That was my first reaction.  But when I got to learn about it, it expanded my horizons as I learned something new.  If you are interested to know what I found out, please read the rest of this Parenting Domain post.


Organic Baby Products: Definition

Before we get to the types of organic baby products, let us first define it.  Baby’s organic care simply means that you use organic products to take care of your baby.

Organic is anything that is obtained from a living or already dead being – animal, plant, or any other living thing.  Organic also means that there are no artificial or chemical substances involved in the creation of the product.

The materials of any organic product should be grown organically.  Meaning there are no fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and the like that aided the growth of the raw material.

Animals, let’s say cow, should not be fed with any artificial growth hormones.  If you need to tend the animals, you will have to use herbal medicine for them.  I think you get the idea.


Organic Baby Products: Types

1.  Food – cows are not injected with vitamins and should only eat organic food to ensure that it gives organic milk.  Organic fertilizers are used to grow the cereals. Well, they are pretty much the same as the regular baby food.  The only difference is that organic processes and preservatives are used for the food.

One drawback of the food is that they are not as visually appealing and delicious as the regular ones.

By the way, organic baby food are classified according to their age, needs, and health conditions so make sure that you consult your physician before making a decision.  In addition, there are ingredients that your baby may be allergic to so always be on the lookout for those.

The perks outweigh the con because organic baby food has a very good advantage – protection from illnesses such as tumors, cancer, and infertility from long-term chemical exposure.


2.  Bedding – your baby will spend most of his time sleeping, playing, or crawling in his bed so it should naturally be free from any toxic and harmful chemicals.  Just read the label to check for any certification that the bedding is indeed organic.


3.  Toys – babies just can’t help but put anything inside their mouths.  To make toys very attractive, manufacturers add bright colors which are usually from chemicals.

Due to this fact, we recommended that you put away any toys.  We may not be sure if a toy claiming to be organic is really organic because majority of the toys are made in plastics.  Just keep the toys away to be sure.


4.  Clothes – be it tight-fitting or lose, clothes are always in contact with your baby’s skin.  Aside from clothes, there are also organic towels, blankets, and other similar products.


5.  Feeding materials – this is anything that has to do with feeding your baby – feeding bottles, baby formula or milk, baby food, spoons, and bowls.  Everything has to be organic.  To be sure of their authenticity, check the labels or look for seals of approval.  These products are not that heavily manufactured so make sure to stock up on them.


6.  Hygiene – diapers, baby wipes, towels, bibs, gloves are all under this category. You only get to use the diapers and wipes once so you need to buy as much as you can.  The great thing about them is that they are environment friendly so you need not worry about becoming a risk to the environment.


7.  Cosmetics – examples are lotions, creams, oils, soaps, shampoos, and toothpastes.  Again, be very vigilant.  Check the label and sign of authenticity.  Talcum powders are not recommended because they can cause coughs and asthma attacks.  You can do away with petroleum-based products.  You can use organic oils instead.


8.  Safety – baby car seats is a good example for this category.  It is really hard to find organic counterparts of these products.  The best thing you can do is to cover the car seat with organic cloth or fiber so only this gets into contact with your baby’s skin.


Do you have more organic baby products to add?  Please let us know.

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