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Homeschooling Pros and Cons

Weighing Homeschooling Pros and Cons

You should consider weighing homeschooling pros and cons before making a life-altering decision as this for your child.  Let this Parenting Domain post be of help to you.

Did you know that roughly 2 million kids are already being homeschooled?  This trend is being considered by many families and, as time goes by, more and more are accommodating this idea.

Why?  The reason is that it is pretty much the same as learning in school.  Homeschooled children excel in standardized tests, get into a college or university of their choice, and are said to be self-sufficient employees.  But before you make that very important decision, you need to think about the homeschooling pros and cons.


Homeschooling Pros and Cons

Years ago, this idea might be frowned upon by many but this has become accepted by many today.  If you are a parent who is thinking of homeschooling your children, then it’s time that you come up with a list of your pros and cons.  But if you don’t have any yet, get ideas from our list.



1.  Freedom – parents and children who homeschool have the liberty to do what they want.  They can pick the topics that they will discuss, set their own schedule, and study for as long as they want to.  Parents can adjust the subjects or discussions depending on the age and maturity level of the child.  The parents can also set the pacing of the topics.

You can say goodbye to the school calendar, tiring school hours, and exhausting (and sometimes unnecessary) homework, and exams.  For this reason, you can plan off-peak vacations, mid-week strolls, and live your life the way you want to.

Your child will also be free from school bullies and peer pressure.  Based on studies, girls in middle school have very low self esteem because they are pressured to dress or act like the cool kids; whereas homeschooled girls are not confined to that conventional way of thinking.  They can wear and act however they want.  Kids are also free from social experimentation so parents are relieved.

Families who are strongly committed to their religious beliefs can also freely practice their faith.  Parents can integrate their religion and core values without any problems.  Homeschooling gives them this very important opportunity.

2.  Closer ties – since you spend most (or all) of your hours with your children, you begin to form close bonds with them.  You never had this time when they were still going to school.  Teenagers greatly benefit from this perk as you, as a parent, can better guide them.

You are happier when blessings come and also made stronger in times of distress – losing a loved one, obstacles in the family.

3.  Happier and refreshed kids – adolescents who go to school lack in sleep because they wake up early to catch the bus, go home to eat and then study and do homework until dawn.

This is a never ending cycle until they reach college years.  As a result, children are pretty much comparable to walking zombies during the day.  They are usually sluggish and tired.  But when you homeschool, your kids are refreshed as they get the appropriate amount of sleep since you control their study times.

1.  Money and time constraints – time?  You have to spend a lot of time on choosing the topics to discuss, think of fun and useful activities, and plan everything.  This is most difficult for parents who homeschool because they need to balance teaching their children and working.

Since one of the parents needs to stay at home to teach the kids, the budget may be lessened as one parent is forced to quit work.  This is really tricky especially if the family is already struggling with the budgeting.

2.  Few sports or team activities – kids will find it difficult to find teams or groups to join because there are a limited number of groups that cater to homeschooled children (or they simply can’t join team formed by schools).

3.  Ordinariness – you are with your children 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Some parents will find this as an opportunity to shape their children’s lives.  But as time passes, some parents get bored and simply want to get away from their children even for just a few minutes.  This kind of time together can be a pro or con depending on how you view it.

I am sure that there are more things that we can add to this list of homeschooling pros and cons.  Please add your thoughts in the comments section of this page.  Thanks!

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