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Family History Search

What to Do To Make Family History Search More Interesting

Some say that a family history search is very painstaking and boring.  It’s like being forced to complete a 10,000-piece puzzle with a picture of clouds in it (yes, there is such a thing).  As a result, even the youngest and most energetic family members evade this scrupulous task.  This makes you think long and hard how to make the search more fun and interesting.  This Parenting Domain post aims to solve that problem.


Family History Search:  Fun Things to Do

I must admit that a family history search is blah.  It seriously wants me to take a nap considering all you ever face are numbers, dates, and records.  However, there are ways where you can liven up the search.  Here are some of the tricks you can do:

1.  Stage an interview ala Oprah

On your spare time or during your family reunion, you can have one of your elders sit in a chair while everyone is gathered around just like in Oprah’s studio.  Ask your elder questions and make sure that you record them via video camera or voice recorder (or any app that you have).  Have them relive his or her stories so that you can preserve them.  Make sure that you ask about your other family members that you have not been acquainted with yet.  Let other members ask questions.  This will be fun for everyone.

If you don’t have the luxury of time to do this, you can do a skype interview instead.  Make a video call and, as usual, record the conversation.

2.  Unearth throwback pictures and share them

We often see people posting really old pictures (circa 1970) and call them throwback pics.  You can do this too while tracing your family tree.  Have the older members of your family identify their companions so you can get to know them (and search them later online).

Scan your old pictures and share them with other family members too.  This will encourage the adults to share theirs while reminiscing the past.

3.  Make a chart

As soon as you have gathered enough data from the interview and picture sharing, you can now start making your family tree or chart.  You can make it online via family tree generators or by hand using a paper or a board.

Have someone help you out with the designing and coloring so making the chart becomes more fun.

4.  Create a blog

If you are techy, you can create your own site or blog for your family tree.  This is a fun way of recording important past and future events.  The great thing is that everyone has access to this.  Plus, there are many blogging services that are free to use so you won’t need to spend a dime.

Just share the link of your site and everyone can easily see it.  If you want, you can assign others to help you with the content and management of the site.

Others go for digital scrapbook because it is so much easier than the traditional one.

5.  Take advantage of social media

You can create a page or group for your family on social media sites such as Facebook so you can easily inform them of upcoming events or important announcements.  This can be your venue for queries regarding your family tree creation.  I am sure that your family tree tracing will be a little less difficult considering the reach of Facebook.


You see, these tricks will significantly help you in your family history search.  With the tips and the help of your family, the family tree creation will surely be a whole lot easier.  If you have more tips, please comment or feel free to message us.

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