How To Choose A Breast Pump

   Moms who are looking for the best pump might find it difficult to choose one with the varying options that we have today.  So let us share with you this video that we found online to make picking a breeze. Here’s a transcript of the video: Hi. I’m Jessica Hartshorn from American Baby Magazine. […]

Family Tree Generator

Family Tree Generator FAQs

Mapping out your family tree is made easier with the help of a family tree generator.  The internet is amassed with a large quantity of data so information acquisition no longer poses as a problem.  The only hurdle we need to jump over is the usage of those genealogy generators.  This post aims to answer […]

Genealogy Search Engines

3 Best Genealogy Search Engines

Genealogy search engines are especially made to help you find your ancestors and trace your family lineage.  Fortunately, there are numerous of those search engines to choose from –which also makes it difficult to pick one.  The goal of this article is to assist you in deciding which of the 3 genealogy search engines in […]

Advice for Parents of Teens

Advice for Parents of Teens Who Self-Harm

Do you have any advice for parents of teens who self-harm?  This is a terrifying truth that many parents have to face.  We want to help you help your teen.  Let this post be an instrument of healing for your child.   Advice for Parents of Teens:  Defining Self-Harm Self-harm is an act of intentionally […]